another animation.

2012-10-05 23:44:49 by goldzillakiller

Last time i said I animated elemental wolf fight.But I'm to lazy to animating fighting scene.

For this time,I making a Animated Movie Video (AMV).But I think it just 40-60 sec I think.
It from my friends book called 'The Land Of Wolves'. I choose the second book because I love that story much.Story about Bone the blind wolf get bullying by his elder brother,Midnight. I started animated in beginning of animation is chapter 2.Started his flashback in chapter 3. After flashback started chapter 5. and other chapter will be more fun to animated.

Hope I finish this before halloween


I just making short or longer animation if I have to.But,i hate lip syncing =w= Just a wolf animation DUH.
There will be no voice,just read the text/subtitle what they say.
Still making on it.Until any minutes now,i'm in home alone. pfftt.

Progress: 8% out of 100%